Unstable Alpha — November (v0.0.3f01+)

Latest Version: v0.0.3f04 (11/20/2018)

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Bug List

0.0.3f04 (11/20/2018)

Last update before I'm gone for about a week!

  • Fixed numerous instances of Puro falling through the floor when the game is booted for the first time.
  • You can now dodge twice in a row, but the cooldown of the second dodge or canceling the first one with an attack is considerably longer.
  • Attacking immediately after grabbing will make Puro perform an upwards swing instead of a normal attack.
  • On controllers, the lower right shoulder button (R2/RT/ZR) will now make Puro dodge. The original button still works as before.
  • Holding either dodge button will make Puro walk in hub areas. Good if you wanna build up dramatic effect with a dpad or or keyboard.
  • The camera now zooms in slightly when interacting with NPCs.
  • There's now a sound and visual effect for the baseballs in The Batting Cage hitting dummies, the player, or the ground.
  • The design of the dummies have been tweaked slightly.

0.0.3f03 (11/17/2018)

Yet ANOTHER quick hotfix!

  • Puro and Lume now look in the directions they're supposed to
  • Fixed issue where loading a stage via the debug menu while the portrait backgrounds were fading in/out would cause them to linger on screen
  • If the music is set to one of the default tracks, it will now change automatically when loading a new area via the debug menu

0.0.3f02 (11/16/2018)

Just a quick hotfix!!

  • Interacting with characters in the hub area can be performed with the E key and left quick, as well as the Q key and right click to move through it faster.
  • Fixed bug where dialogue portraits would stay on screen when loading a stage mid-dialogue via the debug menu.
  • Game no longer displays debug message when attacking in the air.
  • Game no longer crashes when strike another enemy, restarting certain stages, or dying (all caused by the same bug)

0.0.3f01 (11/16/2018)

I'll let the image above and the patch notes do the talking this time around, but first, two quick announcements: I'll be out of town for about a week, starting on the 20th of this month, and then again near the end of December. Naturally, there will be no updates during this time. But! But but but! There's a long-promised bit of content I've been working behind closed doors, and while it's nearly ready, I can't show it off just yet, so bare with me a little longer, ok? It should be ready sometime next month~!


  • Implemented a test room for HUB areas, with examinable objects, an NPC, and simple 3D movement.
  • Added text boxes and dialogue portraits
  • Game now runs at 60fps more consistently


  • The DEBUG menu is now opened with SELECT/TAB instead of being in the pause menu itself
  • Dodge button is now present on the input display
  • Training dummies have been changed, now showing the total damage take after not being hit for a full second or after a full three seconds.
  • Second hit of combo does a lil more damage


  • The slash effect for volatile items is now green
  • Added walking animation


  • Puro's animations will properly freeze for heavy deflects if it's the first swing of a normal combo
  • Checkpoints now update properly when you load a stage via the stage loader in the debug menu
  • Fixed desync issue with combo, which would cause the wrong strike to do finisher damage
  • Fixed issues where certain objects wouldn't be loaded when you started Test Tower with a clean save file
  • Fixed issue where Puro would teleport forwards if the forward roll was mashed
  • Improved camera stability for when entering new areas via the debug menu
  • Fixed issue where Puro could slightly clip through the floor if the player kept holding left/right when entering a room and walking into an incline
  • Fixed being able to open pause menu without the game pausing by mashing the start button
  • Fixed damage number rendering incorrectly for Apple computers
  • Fixed issue where some weapons would spin incorrectly when thrown

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