Unstable Alpha — September (v0.0.2f93-f96)

v0.0.2f96 (9/30/2018)

A smaller than usual update, but there's some things I wanted to get implemented before the end of the month, including a HEAVILY requested input option.

  • Based on strong feedback, item double-jump has been simplified by default, and not longer requires mag be held while in the air to perform it. This can be toggled at any time from the options menu or by pressing select. 
  • To go along with it, Shatterjump now has a new "Auto" option, which will change depending on if you have the above enabled or not.
  • Camera and area triggers no longer stay active if you restart while inside of them! This caused some WEIRD camera issues.
  • You can no longer pause the game on the same frame you die, which could break it by accessing the restart/retry options.
  • The debug music player has been improved! The < and > keys can be used to cycle back and forth through your list, and it will now save the last song you used, playing it automatically when you boot the game back up.
  • All fonts have been replaced. Goodbye, Arial! You were pretty good but distractingly recognizable!
  • Larger pause menus no longer cover the description text.
  • Fixed bug where the right arrow of multi-choice options would sometimes stay illuminated when the last option was selected.
  • The description text for multi-choice options now gives information about your the current selection.
  • Quick Mag Buttons can now be set to only effect "Jump" or "Throw" in addition to both (or neither).
  • You can no longer enter doors while rolling, for real this time — it turns out it was still possible, just frame-perfect.
  • Fixed certain settings reverting to their defaults every time the game was opened.
  • Fixed most instances of inexplicably double-jumping the moment you got off the ground if your previous attempt was interrupted.
  • HOTFIX: fixed issue where the new song saving system wouldn't play any music at all if the saved default was also the game's normal default.

v0.0.2f95 (9/27/2018)

Hi! It's been a bit! Almost two weeks! There's been a good amount of polish in this one as well as some customization.

  • Though still not final, the HUD has been improved.
  • Pause menus have been improved
  • The game handles higher resolutions differently! The UI will only begin scaling down if the resolution is reduced before 720p 
  • There are now more options for how the shatterjump move (using an item to magjump off the ground is executed. By default, shatterjump is executed by pressing jump and attack simultaneously while mag is held.
  • An option has been added to make the second attack and jump buttons perform their mag actions instead, meaning they funciton as dedicated throw and double-jump buttons.
  • Puro has a new death sequence
  • Yet more attempts to fix the bug where Puro's death animation wouldn't play sometimes
  • Dying or restarting on a moving platform no longer displaces Puro after respawning
  • You can no longer enter doors while rolling, which would cause Puro to be displaced after exiting.
  • Fixed certain dpad inputs being dropped
  • Restarting and magjumping off a pad at the same time no longer causes Puro just magjump again after respawning

We're so so close to getting to move on to new stage content again!! And fighting!! And gimmicks!! And a new character!! Boy oh boy

v0.0.2f94 (9/14/2018)

I'm not sure a list is really necessary here! This one was mostly back end with a number of collision and camera fixes.

  • Several cases of Puro teleporting backwards after rolling or attacking have been solved.
  • The roll input can not longer be spammed for infinite invincibility
  • Roll collision has been SIGNIFICANTLY improved
  • Numerous camera improvements have been made for attacking, rolling, and dying

v0.0.2f93 (9/10/2018)

We got options, baby!! Here's what's in version v0.0.2f93. You can find previous update lists on the Patreon.

  • Options menu now has actual options in it. There's only three at the moment, but move will be added as development continues.
  • By default, magjumping off the ground now requires you press jump simultaneously (or shortly after) pressing down the mag button. This can be reverted to the previous setting (where it always works as long as the mag button is held) from the aforementioned options menu.
  • Yet more instances of the moonwalking bug have been fixed. There's probably more I don't know about, though
  • Hopefully fixed issue where Puro's death animation wouldn't play
  • Fixed crates not respawning when starting a stage
  • Fixed switches not returning to off when restarting a stage
  • Fixed camera issue caused by restarting the game when the camera's height is locked in certain areas
  • Fixed bug where Puro would "teleport" about 2 meters backwards when attacking after respawning following a death.
  • Fixed bug where mashing jump would give Puro a LITTLE more height.
  • Fixed bug where you could perform a normal grounded magjump right next to a wall, providing way more height than intended
  • Added experimental, unfinished dodge roll move. It can be performed with L/Shift + Jump. Combat's not in yet so it's not much use at the moment.

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