Unstable Alpha — August (v0.0.2f9-f92)

v0.0.2f92 (8/31/2018)

  • The game no longer gets stuck at a black screen when restarting at certain points (!!) 
  • Jumping up and down when transitioning between areas no longer causes issues.
  • Immediately exiting a room when you enter it no longer causes problems either.
  • Attacking now jerks the camera around a lot less.
  • Camera shift is smoother when transitioning between areas/restarting
  • Additional killzone fixes.
  • Fixed issues involving the AoE damage of a grounded mag jump. All objects are now hit simultaneously and only once.
  • Falling into a pit now strips you of your current item.
  • Slight adjustments to enemy and player respawn positions.

v0.0.2f91 (8/29/2018)

  • Guardrails are now present right away, instead of once the lights are turned on.
  • Game can no longer be paused, and subsequently reset, while transitioning between areas.
  • If your weapon strikes multiple objects at once, such as the group of crates, damage is now dealt to the one closest to you. Before it was simply sorted by object ID.
  • Killzones have been adjusted, making it harder to fall out of bounds
  • Camera no longer flips out if you jump to a splitting path from the wrong side.
  • You can no longer enter the tower from the wrong end

v0.0.2f9 (8/25/2018)

  • There's been a significant change to the area's visuals — while still very temporary, new editor tools let me make areas look a lot nicer than they used to.
  • There's more than one room now!
  • Switches have been added. Just hit em to activate them.
  • Breakable crates have been added
  • Though it's been in the code for some time, there's now a splitting path.
  • Further changes have been made to the game's camera system.
  • The mag double-jump has been buffed. Off the ground, a mag jump and a double jump provide the same height, but are planned to have different uses in combat. Additionally, magjump is much faster, while the double jump allows for a bit more horizontal distance if timed right, but a majority of platforming/puzzles can be accomplished using whichever you prefer!
  • Puro can now fall off the stage. Presently, this just returns you to a pre-determined point, but later this will strip you of your weapon and deal damage.
  • Some existing segments have been adjusted to compensate for the changes to Puro's movement.
  • Probably a bunch of other changes that I can't remember, there's a lot

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