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I love this game, it's pretty buggy as far as I can tell but it's still really fun. I found a glitch that let me play through the whole game with no time limit haha. pretty whacky glitch but it was fun playing without a timer tbh. this is a really great game for a ludum dare game. oh yeah, that reminds me of another weird glitch I got. I had a dead end because two tunnels intersected, refreshing was my only option. but I understand why it's buggy, it was made in a hurry to make it in time for ludum dare. the art style is really cute and I just, EEEEEEE I love it!! the music, do be a bop doe. this could totally be a full game if you ever consider maybe making a lucid drifter 2.




This game was great on all accounts! Pixel art style is fun and magical, the sound design and music felt true to the genre (I loved the broom sfx!), and mouse controls felt so natural! I wish this got some sort of full game/story mode in the future.

I was really nervous about the mouse controls because I wasn't too into them but they were highly requested, glad it worked out!!

Amazing !

the controls are a little funky the brooms always moves to much in either direction

Ahh this is great! I love the drift mechanic, really satistfying. :D